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Bespoke -

The new epitome of Luxury.

Leo Lounger occupies a niche space in crafting bespoke furniture. One-of-a-kind patterns come together with meticulous craftsmanship to translate unique ideas to reality.                        Customers can select patterns that reflect    their taste and sensibilities and this is followed by the process of designing - which is rigorous and time-intensive. Prototypes are then              created. At no stage is the aesthetics compromised upon. 

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Eyes of an artist.

Hands of a craftsman.

Leo Loungers work reflects the South Indian flair for craftsmanship. It takes specialized handcrafted techniques to create a piece of furniture that will be the pride of your place.     With no bar on imagination, we offer a wide  array of designs to satisfy your requirements, such as diverse sizes, fabrics, woods, colours    and more - all handcrafted from start to finish   by our team of skilled craftsmen.

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Solid, Sturdy      and Enduring

Our wood is kiln-dried, and as such, carries fewer defects. The wood is exposed to air to remove the moisture and then dried in an oven (Kiln). The high temperatures of treatment that eliminate algae, mold etc., while imparting smoothness and durability.

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